The Professionals

It would be hard to find three more different guys than us. And harder still to imagine how we all came to be together in the tropical swelter of Pago Pago, American Samoa. You could say that the encounters in Honolulu that we describe in the book were a lot like the encounters of the “gentlemen of fortune”—buccaneers—of the seventeenth century. Like pirates in Jamaica’s old Port Royal, Honolulu is one of the places around the world that offshore sailors meet. True, our intent was mostly peaceful, but the spirit was the same.

Alan Boreham, Peter Jinks, Bob Rossiter, authors of Beer in the Bilges

So it was no mistake that the owner of the elegant Ron of Argyll cameto Honolulu looking for “Hollywood” Bob to entice him to sail his yacht up to Hawaii from the South Pacific. Where else in the Pacific would he be likely to find him? And it was natural for Bob to come looking for crew around the Ala Wai marina where, by the greatest of chances, Alan was trying to put some distance between himself and an east coast mob he had run into on Maui. Bob was happy to accept such an eager and capable recruit, and one with such good survival skills.

In the meantime, Peter was continuing to enjoy the pleasures of the South Pacific islands, while tending the yacht and awaiting a new skipper and crew. He had crossed paths with Bob in Fiji, and was glad to have such an experienced sailor join him on the next leg of his adventure. He trusted Bob to choose another experienced hand.

Between us, we quickly recognized that we each have knowledge and skills that complement one another very well, and that we all like to temper our hard work with a good amount of fun. Maybe most important, though, was that we found that we all share the trait that allows us to see the possibilities, rather than the obstacles to achieving them. This alone was to save our skins in more than one of our adventures together.


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