Have You Seen Armanelle?

photo courtesy of Studio Cocopeli

photo courtesy of Studio Cocopeli

The lovely wooden yacht Armanelle survived a cyclone in the Vava’u Islands of Tonga in 1981. Bob played a big part in refloating her afterwards, but has since lost track of her. Do you know where Armanelle is now? Continue reading


Sailing Alone

There is something about sailing alone that appeals to some people. It may be the challenge of a single-handed race, the opportunity for a cruising sailor to have time alone with their thoughts, or the plain antisocial nature of certain individuals. Regardless of the reason, sailing alone is a unique experience. Continue reading

Sint Maarten / Saint Martin

There is a lot to experience on this little island in the Caribbean shared between France and the Netherlands. Ten days wasn’t enough.

Known as “The Friendly Island”, Saint Martin/Sint Maarten was divided between France and the Netherlands in 1648 with the Treaty of Concordia. This arrangement provided for mutual protection from belligerent states. Remains of stone forts built to guard the harbors in the French north and Dutch south still remain, as does the history of pirates that threatened them. Continue reading

Fruit Bat Soup

One of the more curious recipes you will find in many parts of the South Pacific is Fruit Bat Soup. That’s right, soup made from the fruit bats or “flying foxes.”

There are a number of varieties of fruit bats, the world’s largest species of bat, with the Australian variety growing as large as two pounds with a wingspan of up to six feet! Here is a video of a small one. The only ones that we’ve seen used are a lot smaller.  Continue reading

Must-Read Books for the Offshore Sailor

477581_51237173 lone sailboat on dark blue sea

photo courtesy of Mario Alberto Magallanes Trejo

Every sailor that dreams of going offshore has read stories of those that have gone before them. Some, like those about the voyages of Eric and Susan Hiscock, two of the earliest civilian ocean-going sailors, were truly ground-breaking. And others, by authors such as Vito Dumas and John Guzwell, are classics of seagoing literature.

We have collected our list of essential books for the offshore sailor. These are the stories that we think will endow the offshore sailor with the knowledge and the lessons necessary to face the sea with confidence.

What are yours? Continue reading

A Samoan Delicacy That You Can Make

In a previous post we talked about provisioning a yacht in some of the South Pacific countries. Stocking up there can be a challenge, but it doesn’t mean you have to suffer.

photo courtesy of Cameron Gaut

photo courtesy of Cameron Gaut

One of the delicacies of the South Pacific that is dead easy to make uses only fresh fish, lime juice, and coconut cream—all ingredients that are easily found in most of these countries. And this delicious meal can even be made in the home countries of most yachties. Continue reading

The Inside Scoop on Coconuts

photo courtesy Rajaram R

photo courtesy Rajaram R

In the chapter of our book entitled “Tongan Delights”, Hollywood actor Hal Holbrook acquires a fresh green coconut for his love, the actress Dixie Carter, to drink. Some people who have only seen hairy brown coconuts in their grocery story or at the market have asked us about the difference between the two coconuts. Here’s the scoop. Continue reading