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The Top Four Obstacles to Sailors Wanting to Go Offshore, and How to Overcome Them

Many coastal sailors, whether experienced or novice, have a desire to try offshore sailing. If you share that dream, but haven’t made it a reality, it may be that you don’t know where to start, or have found obstacles in your way.

You shouldn’t let that stop you. There are ways to fulfill your dream, and join the others who have left the shores to sail the world’s oceans.

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Must-Read Books for the Offshore Sailor

477581_51237173 lone sailboat on dark blue sea

photo courtesy of Mario Alberto Magallanes Trejo

Every sailor that dreams of going offshore has read stories of those that have gone before them. Some, like those about the voyages of Eric and Susan Hiscock, two of the earliest civilian ocean-going sailors, were truly ground-breaking. And others, by authors such as Vito Dumas and John Guzwell, are classics of seagoing literature.

We have collected our list of essential books for the offshore sailor. These are the stories that we think will endow the offshore sailor with the knowledge and the lessons necessary to face the sea with confidence.

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